Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Authentic Dead Sea Salt and Body Scrubs!


 I have a 'thing' about using Dead Sea salt FROM The Dead Sea IN Israel in my body scrubs.I know that it is packed with minerals and is known all over the world for it's rich content and I think it's just plain cool to use Salt from The Dead Sea in Israel.

As a buyer, there are lots of salt options out there and lots of different prices. I could get 'cheap' Dead Sea Salt on Ebay, and never know if it was authentic. I could just buy sea salt and call it good.However, I want my product to have the best oils and the best salt in it because the body scrubbing event is such a healthy nourishing event that when we take the time to do it, I REALLY want it to count.

So yesterday, when I got my shipment of Dead Sea Salt in from San Francisco Salt Company, I was so very happy to see that they enclosed this certificate of authenticity!

So now you my dear customer can know that the salt I put into your body scrubs is indeed the real thing from Israel, rich in minerals and nutrients...something you definitely want to use on your skin and soak in while taking a bath.

Add to all that wonderfulness some therapeutic essential oils like an uplifting citrus combination of Orange, Grapefruit or Lime peal or a calming combination of Lavender and Lemongrass, a tub of warm water to soak in and you have an in house spa experience!

Speaking of soaking, let me say here that the best way to use a body scrub is to soak in your tub for awhile, scrub all over with the body scrub and then stay in the tub a while longer to let the salt, oils and essential oils soak into your skin, giving you the full benefit of all that goodness.

8 ounce Body Scrub! Looks like lemon ice!
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One more very important note about body and facial scrubs. Because there is no water in my  scrubs, they  do not need a chemical preservative. I do add vitamin E as a natural preservative and some of the essential oils also do the trick. However, this is with the assumption that no water will EVER be introduced to the body scrub. 

Hmm...I don't know about you, but probably the first place you will find my scrub is in the shower with me and chances are that I am going to dip into it with a wet hand. Let me just say, "DON"T DO IT." 

The best thing is to take a spoon and scoop out the amount you think you will use each time and put it into a separate container. This way, the original scrub will stay uncontaminated from water and fresh for you each time! 

 Thanks for reading my Two Scents!


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