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Thank you for your interest in Two Scents for Home and Body!

Because most of my business is local and word of mouth, I am not currently using an official payment method on my site for online orders. I want to put my time into my products and information on this site rather than maintaining a useful, but largely unused service. 

However, you CAN order from me!

Just email with the items you would like to purchase and I will reply with the total including shipping. 

You can either pay me via PayPal or send me a check. If you send me a check, please understand that I must allow for it to clear before I can send you your shipment.

All of my products are made in small batches which means they are FRESH when they are sent to you!

Click HERE  to view my  products.

Contact me at:

Find me on facebook for lots of pictures of products! This is also a good place to read comments if you are looking for customer reviews.

Facebook - TheresasTwoScents 



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