About Two Scents

Hi! My name is Theresa and I am the owner and crafter of Two Scents home and body products!

What began as making aromatherapy mists with essential oils as gifts for friends and family  soon turned into a few friends asking me to make some for them to give as gifts!

One thing rolled into another and before I knew it I was making mists, lotions, soaps, bath salts and scrubs with wonderful all-natural  fresh oils, Dead Sea salts, herbs, and pure essential oils.  My Two Scents company began.

The name Two Scents came about for two reasons. One is that I have been known to offer my 'two cents' and anyone that knows me has heard me use that phrase when giving a suggestion. Secondly, I most often use two different scents in each of my products, occasionally supplementing  them with accent scents. So, appealing to the idea of some practical advice like 'two cents' and the harmony of 'two scents'...well, you get the idea.

I am a small local business. I make my products in small batches so they are fresh for each order. This is something I highly value in my own purchases and is one of my strongest selling points. I use completely all natural ingredients and with the exception of lotions, I do not use any chemical preservatives or additives. (I will blog on that later.) Because I make small batches, my products truly do smell fresh...because they are.

Take a look around! I hope you find something you like! There truly is nothing as refreshing and invigorating as all-natural products and the pure healing elements found in essential oils.

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Find me on Facebook at TheresasTwoScents Facebook for lots of pictures. You can read customer comments there if you are looking for reviews!


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