Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Scents In the Works!


GAH!!!! My internet has been down the last several days, so I haven't been here to update. Sorry for any inconvenience.  Come visit my facebook page for lots of pictures and updates at while I update things here!

Dear Customer,

Feel free to browse my site while I am revamping everything! I have had so much fun lately making new products, trying new labels and bottles, that I need to take a little time to adjust what products I currently have on the dock as well as re-organize this blog. This is where you read:

Please Be Patient While Under Construction :)

I'm am keeping the current product list up, but please note some items may be in new bottles or sizes and I will have to adjust prices accordingly

Paypal is currently not up until my new product and price list is up, but if you see something you are interested in, please message me on

Oh! and DO check out my facebook page because there are many new items pictured there! Enjoy!

As always, thank you for stopping by my Two Scents!


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