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Two Scents Essential Oil Product List:

Two Scents Essential Oil Mists

2 ounce - $4.00

 4 ounce $6.00

Siberian Pine/Lemon
Star Anise/Cinnamon
Eucalyptus/ Lemongrass 
Lemon/Geranium Rose

( Have a essential oil blend that you don't see here? Let me know! I probably have it!)

Ivey's Garden 2 ounce Fragrance Mist ( shown with matching lotion) $4.00


Ivey's Garden is the line I use when a customer wants a fragrance rather than an essential oil. Below are fragrances that I can use in any of my products per your request!
Black Cherry Spice
Champagne Pear
Sweet Lemon 
Mango Sweet Orange
Zucchini Flower
Strawberry Lemon
Apple Mint

 Lemon Grapefruit or Orange Chamomile Hand and Body Lotion

2 ounce - $4.00

4 ounce - $6.00 

 This lotion is so light, smooth and wonderful and it makes me happy every time I use it!  Lotion is one of those things that will go bad unless refrigerated or a preservative is added - proof of the living ingredients used in it! I can put a preservative in or leave it out per your preference. I make each order of lotion as the order comes in so it is FRESH when it comes to you! 

Shea Body Butter -  4 ounce 

This is a luxurious  butter melts on contact with skin.Shea butter is a lovely skin moisturizer.  (This product is now packaged in a cobalt blue jar with metal lid.)


Body butter has no water in it so it does not need a preservative. I love when I can make something with just pure ingredients! Pure, rich and creamy!


Pictured: Triple Citrus with Calendula petals, Orange Star Anise with Calendula petals, and Lemon Peppermint with Loofah. My soaps are glycerin based, moisturizing to you skin and are generally  two and three layers. Each layer has an essential oil and at least one layer will have an exfoliant. I have to say, I get lots of rave reviews!

$4.00 each

Lava Lip Gloss 
I use a process which creates a lava lamp effect. When you tip the container, the lava slowly moves from one end to the other. Watermelon flavored. I also make a clear one with Peppermint essential oil. Makes a fun gift!

       Oatmeal Almond Meal Chamomile Facial Cleanser  
          This is a facial spa in a jar! On a clean face take a little of this dry mixture and add a little water to make a paste. Then apply to your face in gentle circles for a minute or so before rinsing off. So relaxing and soothing...but the best is that it leaves your skin baby butt soft! $6.00
See my blog on this  HERE.

Lemon Rose Geranium Facial Moisturizer – 2 ounce - 
I use this moisturizer ever day! I have sensitive skin and this moisturizer does not cause break outs or blemishes and it does a great job moisturizing!

My FAVORITE cleaning product!
All-purpose Cleaning Scrub with Tea tree, Lavender & Peppermint– 8 ounce
See my blog on this item HERE.

 Lemon Almond or Peppermint
Gardener's Hand Soap Scrub – 8 ounce -
This hand scrub is soap based with a cane sugar and Calendula petal exfoliate. It goes on smoothly, lathers up and the 'grit' in it easily cleans dirt and grime off your hands. I have added a touch of apricot kernel oil to moisturize, leaving your hands clean AND soft!
This is a popular item and one I use all the time!

Lemon/Grapefruit or Lavender/Mint  Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

This body scrub is made with Dead Sea salt all the way from...The Dead Sea in Israel! It is carefully blended with rich oils like almond, apricot kernel and jojoba! It cleanses and exfoliates and leaves your skin silky smooth and super moisturized. Used in the bath tub, it makes a wonderful Bath Salt, Oil and  fragrant Essential oil experience!


See blog on Authentic Dead Sea Salt Scrubs HERE.

Pictured:  4 ounce Peppermint/Eucalyptus Foot Scrub, Body Scrub and Shea Hair Butter. 

These products come in a cobalt plastic jar and include a wooden spoon for easy application. Separate photos and descriptions will be posted at a later date. 4 ounce Hair Butter  $8.00 each. 4 ounce Foot and Body Scrubs 

$6.00 each


8 ounce Mechanic’s Friend Hand Scrub -(photos coming) 

Be assured that I'm doing my best to make quality products with pure and natural ingredients (organic when I can), keep items affordable for you, and keep myself in business! make EVERYONE happy! :)

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