Friday, April 13, 2012

Lemon, Rosemary and Vanilla! Oh My!

                                                                  Source: via Tami on Pinterest

Yesterday as I was browsing through pinterest, I ran across this wonderful idea of blending sprigs of rosemary with fresh slices of lemon and a hint of vanilla extract and letting it simmer in water on the stove to fill the house with fragrance.
The gal who made it had worked at Williams and Sonoma and remembered the wonderful smell of this blend that they used to simmer in the store and she wanted to recreate it.

The picture alone just kept coming back to my mind. What a fresh lovely concoction!!! What a great way to make the house smell wonderful especially now as many of us are throwing open the windows and delving into spring cleaning.


  You can learn how to make the simmering potpourri here:

She has lovely pictures that will inspire you! This is also a delightful blog to follow. :)

Then it came to me. I HAVE essential oil of rosemary and lemon and I HAVE vanilla fragrance. I didn't HAVE to wait until I went to the store to start playing!

What I first made with the above combination was a cleaning oil which I used on my floors. Then I thought to myself, "This smells so good I should make a linen and room mist!" 

TA DA!!!

                              I love it!

You might like it too! If you have my other mists, you might want to add this to your aroma garden!

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