Monday, October 15, 2012

That 'Man' Smell

I laughed the first time I heard my friend mention her husband's closet had that 'man' smell.

I smiled when she said her son's room had a 'man' scent.

I got a little worried when I realized that both of my son's rooms had that 'man' smell....and so did the man that I sleep with.

Since then, I have opened windows, turned on fans, washed linens, all of which helped some, but the truth is that you can forget about the Scent of a Woman ( OK...we can talk about THAT another time), the scent of a man is something to contend with and wherever the man sleeps will eventually smell like...a man.

Trying to control myself from dumping ALL of my essential oils into a spray bottle and attacking their rooms, let me tell you what I landed on and why. :)

Many essential oils have anti-bacterial, air freshening qualities, but I chose lavender and peppermint...together. Lavender has long been used as an anti-bacterial, it purifies whatever it touches, it smells great and has been commonly used in men's cologne. In Europe Lavender used to used in hospitals as a disinfectant. I find that men often LIKE the smell which might be useful for it's intended purpose here. Peppermint has a fresh crisp scent that lingers and also has anti-bacterial, air-purifying qualities.

So now, whenever I find the need to adjust the man scent in my guy's rooms, I get my Lavender Peppermint Aromatherapy mist out and spray it on the bed, the pillow, the floor, the closet, the chair, the shoes, the get the idea.

Of course, opening the windows and washing the linens ( and the man) still help, but a man scent still creeps in...and I am ready with my spray bottle!

Thanks for reading my Two Scents!


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