Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's the Difference Between Lotion and Body Butter?

Good question!

Lotion and Body Butter ARE different,but what IS the difference?

The difference is pretty simple. Both moisturizers contain oil ( unless it's an oil-free lotion which likely contains lots of ingredients including glycerin) ,but lotion also contains water. Body Butter ONLY has oils in it and no water, which makes it a very rich skin emollient.

When I make lotion, I use an emulsifier, like beeswax. When it is melted, it easily helps the oils and the water in the lotion to mix and hold together. The end result is a wonderful soft lotion! The water can help the lotion smooth on, the oils moisturize the skin and the beeswax holds all that wonderful moisture in!

A body butter uses no water and it's main ingredients are a hard oil  like cocoa butter, coconut oil or Shea butter  and a liquid oil which could be anything from olive oil, to argon oil, almond oil ...the list is extensive!
The two are basically melted together, along with a few other ingredients and whipped together as they cool. What you have to remember with a body butter is that you are getting pure oil on your skin and it will feel more oily than a lotion. I especially like a butter in the winter after a nice hot shower and I also LOVE to have it rubbed on my feet!

I use essential oils in my lotions and body butters to add scent and therapeutic value. The other upside to using essential oils is that they help retard bacteria so that I don't HAVE to use a chemical anti-bacterial agent. THAT is part of what my business is all about.

A pure lotion made without chemicals has a limited shelf life and must be treated like a food. Just like you wouldn't keep vitamins in the bathroom because of the moisture, or store your olive oil in a hot car, a pure lotion needs to be treated the same way. Eventually, because it has water in it, which can be a carrier for germs if it is exposed to them, the lotion will deteriorate. A pure lotion has a shelf life of about 3 months, although mine kept on my dresser for nearly six months and smells as fresh as the day I made it. I suspect it is the citrus essential oils known for their preservative attributes.

Two Scents Body Lotion! My favorite is still Orange Grapefruit!

A body butter on the other hand, because it has no water in it which can carry bacteria, will keep for a much longer period of time. It still should not be over heated or kept in a moist area, but because it is simply oils, it does not need a chemical preservative even if I did use them...which I don't. :)

I made a wonderful Lemon Souffle' Body Butter!

So there you have it - the difference between lotion and body butter!

Thanks for reading my Two Scents!


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